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MJRC's Activities

Past Activities

  • The Grant Assistance for Cultural Grassroots Project of Japan to Universiti Malaya 

The Government of Japan has awarded The Grant Assistance for Cultural Grassroots Projects of Japan to the Malaysia-Japan Research Centre (MJRC), Universiti Malaya. The grant presentation ceremony was held on 28th March, 2022  at the Chancellery Building, Universiti Malaya where the Ambassador of Japan to Malaysia, H.E. Mr Takahashi Katsuhiko presented the mock cheque to the Vice-Chancellor of Universiti Malaya, Professor Dato' Ir. Dr. Mohd. Hamdi Abd. Shukor. 

In his speech H.E. Mr Takahashi said, The Grant Assistance for Cultural Grassroots Projects (GCGP) by the Government of Japan, offers nonrefundable financial assistance to support the implementation of cultural and higher education projects conducted by non-profit organizations such as NGOs, local authorities, research and higher education institutions that are active at the grass-roots level in countries. GCGP also help bridge cooperation between Japan and other countries in the pursuit of cultural understanding and exchanges. H.E. Mr. Takahashi congratulated MJRC and UM for the enourmous efforts and cooperation, and very happy to announce that the MJRC, UM is the seventh Malaysian organization recipient since the grant was introduced in the year 2000. This time, the grant amounting to USD76,063 (RM304,255) was given for the development of facilities, including Japanese-style space, multi-purpose hall, library and research room for the MJRC to serve as a hub centre of Japan studies in Malaysia. 

The Japanese government is delighted that this cultural grassroots grant presentation coincides with the memorial year of the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Malaysia, and the 40th anniversary of the Look East Policy. H.E. Mr. Takahashi further expressed his respect to the UM that has played a central role in championing the higher education in Malaysia, offering various courses to undergraduate and postgraduate students locally and internationally, as well as established many Japan related organizations such as MJRC, the Ambang Asuhan Jepun (AAJ), Japan Studies Program at the Faculty of Arts and Social Science, and Japanese Language Programme at the Faculty of Languages and Linguistics. Furthermore, the University of Tsukuba, a leading Japanese state university which has produced three Nobel Prize laureates, will establish its first overseas campus in the same building as the MJRC. H.E also deeply appreciated the strong leadership and engagement of Professor Dato’ Ir. Dr. Mohd Hamdi, who attained his Doctor of Engineering degree from Kyoto University, towards the long-lasting friendship and the solid bond of the two nations and people.

In his remark, Professor Dato' Ir. Dr. Mohd. Hamdi expressed his heartiest gratitude to the Embassy of Japan in Malaysia and the Japanese government for their continuous support to UM and for choosing MJRC to receive the grant in the memorial year of the 40th anniversary of the Look East Policy. He emphasized his commitment for the success of “The Project for Development of Malaysia-Japan Research Centre in Universiti Malaya” as a whole university. This assistance will surely enhance MJRC to strive higher. The MJRC was founded in 2012 by Associate Professor Dr. Md. Nasrudin Md. Akhir with the objectives to combine scholars from various fields and expertise in relation to Malaysia and Japan, to meet and exchange views, thoughts and opinions with Japanese institutions, as well as to disseminate information on Malaysia and Japan. MJRC has been actively promoting Japan Studies in Malaysia, through publications, seminars, workshops, academic exchanges, joint researches and collaborations with various Japanese institutions such as JICA office in Malaysia and The Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur.

Prof. Mohd Hamdi believes, under the present leadership of the Head of MJRC, Dr. Jamila Mohd, who has vast experience in the Japanese language and culture fields, MJRC will further develop into a prominent Malaysia-Japan research centre and studies, as well as a Japanese cultural centre in this country. Prof. Mohd Hamdi also looks forward to the set up of the prestigous University of Tsukuba and its future collaborations with MJRC and UM. As a matter of fact, Dr. Jamila is an alumna of the University of Tsukuba and eager to work closely with her alma mater. Prof. Mohd Hamdi concluded that with receiving this grant, MJRC will be equipped as the advanced centre for Malaysia-Japan related research and cultural activities and programs, enabling MJRC members to have interdisciplinary expertise collaborations in Malaysia and Japan, as well as to produce publication papers and books that benefit both Malaysia and Japan tremendously.

  • MJRC-Yoshinoya Online Foodservice Industry Course

The Malaysia-Japan Research Centre (MJRC), Universiti Malaya in collaboration with Yoshinoya Holding Co., Ltd, a well-known traditional Japanese foodservice company in Japan would like to invite students and working professionals who are interested in the foodservice industry to participate in the MJRC-Yoshinoya Foodservice Industry Online Course.

Date : 4th December 2021 - 29th January 2022 (every Saturday)

Time : 10 a.m - 12 p.m/1 p.m 

Registration fee : RM20

Registration period : 24th November - 1st December (limited to 200 seats)

Online platform : Zoom 

Register here : https://umevent.um.edu.my/MJRC-YOSHINOYA


  • Online forum : Japanization : The Influence of Japanese Culture in Internationalization, Language and Ethics

Dr. Jamila, the Head of MJRC was invited to speak as a panelist in an online forum titled Japanization : The Influence of Japanese Culture in Internationalization, Language and Ethics organised by Global Network Club (GNC) from University of Malaya Arts and Social Science Department. 

Date : 28th August 2021

Time : 3.00 p.m - 5.00 p.m

  • Discussion on Collaboration with Malaysia-Japan Research Centre (MJRC)

On 25th June 2021, MJRC invited academics from UM who graduated from universities in Japan to a meeting to discuss possible collaboration with MJRC. Dr Jamila Mohd introduced MJRC and its objectives, plans and activities. The meeting was attended by 50 academics and about half of them became MJRC's new members. 

Date : 25th June 2021

Time : 3.00 pm to 4.30 pm

Venue : Online platform - Google Meet

  • Conferment of 2021 Spring Imperial Decorations on Assoc. Prof. Dr. Md Nasrudin bin Md Akhir

On 29th April 2021, the Government of Japan announced foreign national recipients of Decorations by Emperor of Japan for 2021 spring conferment. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Md Nasrudin bin Md Akhir, founder and the previous Head of MJRC, was honoured with the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette award for his outstanding contribution to promote academic exchange and mutual understanding between Japan and Malaysia. MJRC is extremely proud of Dr. Nasrudin and we sincerely congratulate Dr. Nasrudin for this tremendous achievement. 

  • Webinar : Japan After World War

Speaker : Assoc. Prof. Dr. Md Nasrudin Md Akhir, Prof. Akihiko Tanaka, Dr. Junichi Yamada, Dr. Geetha Govindasamy

Date :  25th March 2021

  • Webinar : Regime Change and Malaysia-Japan Relations : Explaining Shifts and Continuity in Foreign Policy

Speaker : Dr. Geetha Govindasamy

Date : 17th December 2020

  • Webinar : Another Case of Look East Policy? Malaysia Responses Towards China's and Japan's Infrastructure Investment and Economic Arrangements

Speaker : Dr. Muhammad Danial Azman

Date : 17th December 2020

  • Soka University - University of Malaya Seminar : Special Lecture 

Speaker : Assoc. Prof. Dr. Md Nasrudin Md Akhir

Title : Malaysia-Japan Relations, 1870s - 2020

Date : 4th March 2020

  • Public Lecture : A Case Study of Grant Assistance for Human Security Project in Sabah, 2000-2015

Speaker : Dr. Ramli Dollah

Date : 18th February 2020

  • Public Lecture MJRC : Embassy of Japan : The Indo-Pacific Strategy and Japan

Speaker : H.E. Professor Satoshi Morimoto, Chancellor of Takushoku University and former Minister of Defense, Japan

Date : 11th December 2019

  • Public Lecture - The role of Malaysia in the Globalization of Japanese Language Education in ASEAN Region

Speaker : Dr. Zain Mohd Zin

Date : 19th October 2019

  • Conference : New Dimension of Malaysian Education : Towards Strenghtening Personality Based on Japanese Experiences.

Paper Presenters : Assoc. Prof. Dr. Md Nasrudin Md Akhir, Dr. Rohayati Paidi, Dr. Asmadi Hassan, Dr. Muhamad Danial Azman

Date : 25th February 2019

  • Workshop : Japan/Japanese Studies Through a Southeast Asian Lens Workshop

Date : 22nd - 24th May 2019

Venue : Hawaii University

  • Soka University - University of Malaya Seminar : Special Lecture

Speaker : Assoc. Prof. Dr. Md Nasrudin bin Md Akhir

Title : "From Medieval Malacca-Ryukyu Connections to Malaysia-Japan Relations"

Date : 1st March 2019

  • Conference : 6th JSA-ASEAN International Conference

Plenary Speech by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Md Nasrudin Md Akhir on "45 Years Japan-ASEAN Relations

Paper Presenters : Assoc. Prof. Dr. Roslina Mamat, Dr. Asmadi Hassan, Dr. Mohd Ikbal Mohd Huda

Date : 6th -7th December 2018

  • Public Lecture : Hiroshima and Nagasaki Tragedy

Speakear : Assoc. Prof. Dr. Md Nasrudin Md Akhir

Date : 25th September 2018

  • Public Lecture :  Japan, Plutonium and the Use of Atoms for Peace

Speakear : Assoc. Prof. Dr. Md Nasrudin Md Akhir

Date : 22nd September 2018

Venue : Kolej Tingkatan Enam, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

  • Workshop : Japanese Area Expert's Workshop in Preparation to Establish Japan Studies Program in USM

Speaker : Assoc. Prof. Dr. Md Nasrudin Md Akhir

Title : Japanese Studies in Malaysia : Past, Present and Future

Date : 2nd August 2018

  • Workshop : Fukuoaka Workshop organized by the University of Hawaii

Speaker : Assoc. Prof. Dr. Md Nasrudin Md Akhir 

Date : 20th - 25th May 2018

  • Soka University - University of Malaya Seminar : Special Lecture

Speaker : Assoc. Prof. Dr. Md Nasrudin Md Akhir

Title : Early Japanese Immigrants in Malaya, 1870 - 1941

Date : 7th March 2018

  • Public Lecture Co-organized with Embassy of Japan in Malaysia : Maritime and Territorial Issues of the South China Sea and of the East China Sea

Speaker : Prof. Dr. Shinya Murase

Date : 25th January 2018